My name is Samantha Ramage (call me Sami!) and I am the founder/writer behind A Glimpse of Glamour. I started this blog back in 2009 because I love fashion and I enjoy talking about it. 

Ever since I was a little girl (see picture above for evidence), I have loved the art of putting together an outfit-the theatricality of it, the way to make yourself new each day with just the tweak of an accessory of swipe of lipstick.

I grew up in a town just outside of Boston that valued everyone looking the same (ie. preppy and boring) and I reveled in my ability to stand out easily in a crowd by wearing outlandish colors, dying my hair blonde (yes, blonde with black eye brows- gross!)  and painting my nails daily to match my outfits (which I rarely repeated)

After graduating college in 2005 with a degree in English with a concentration in popular culture (It was a real major, I swear!!),  I tried to think of a way to combine my love for the written word with my natural ability to style myself and I arrived at a lot of dead ends. 

I tried working in sales- for luxury brands (both fashion and interior design-related) and though I was working with beautiful product and speaking to it every day with an amazing client base, I felt unfulfilled. It was not until I started this blog, that I was finally able to harness everything I love into one space, a little corner of the internet with my name on it. Since then, I have travelled down the retail road and ended exactly where I am meant to be: as a visual stylist for a company unlike any other store in the world.

The celebration of glamour in the every day and the democratization of fashion is something that is very important to me here on this blog. Not everyone has access to designer labels- not everyone will have the means to hire an interior designer- and not everyone sees their face when they open a fashion magazine- but does that mean that they cannot participate in the finest art form the world has ever known: the art of dressing oneself?

On this blog, I am invested in offering a view through a slightly different lens, one that seeks out "the lesser known" and "the different," one that introduces you to local artists and designers and stores you may not have heard of, one that comes from Boston- but does not necessarily scream "New England," one that strives to empower and inspire with just a glimpse of glamour. Welcome.